This is a short list of the reference sources I have found most useful in my recent interest in Interwar armour and assembling this blog..

Among them are:

BT White
British Tanks and Fighting Vehicles 1914-14
Ian Allan 1970

Edited Duncan Crow (nine contributors)
AF 1919/40 British Armoured fighting Vehicles Vol 2
Profile 1970

Christopher F Foss & Peter McKenzie
Vickers Tanks from Landships to Challenger 2
Keepdate Publishing Ltd 2nd Edition 1995

Bart Vanderveen
Whhels & Tracks Historic Military Vehicles Directory
After the Battle 1989

David Fletcher
Mechanised Force: British tanks between the wars
The Tank Museum/HMSO 1991

Philip Ventham & David Fletcher
Moving the Guns: The Mechanisation of the Royal Artillery 1854-1939
HMSO 1991

Dick Taylor
Warpaint: Colours and Markings of British Army Vehicles 1903-2003 Vol 1
Stratus 2008

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