Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Tractor Truck

The album caption for this photograph is Tractor Truck 1936 China

Tractor Truck 1935 Standard (also Cable Laying etc 1935)

Tractor Truck Tipping Body1935, also Metropolitan Water Board 1936

Tractor Truck Turntable and Trailer 1935. Turning Circle 26 ft with Load. Overall Length with Corner extended 26' 6".

Tractor Truck Aero Starter 1935

Tractor Truck Pipe Carrier 1935

The Vickers Carden Loyd Tractor Truck was a commercial design which used a 30 cwt lorry body mated to a fully tracked chassis based on the Vickers 2 ton tractor. The British Army purchased three vehicles for trials but it was deemed unsuitable for service use.

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